• At Home with Gentry Griffey Funeral Homes

    When it comes to selecting funeral homes, it is crucial to make the choice based on what will meet all of your requirements and accommodate additional and special requests that you would want for your departed loved one.

    We at, Gentry Griffey Funeral Chapel & Crematory, can accommodate all your funeral home needs. We have been in the business since 1948 and have been regarded as the premier funeral home at North Knoxville. And sometime during 2012, our company became the first funeral home in the state to have a fully-operational on-site crematory.

    Whether you are in favor of conventional funeral services or you are thinking of choosing a more modern funeral service such as cremation, we can offer it to you at the most competitive price. Now that we have provided you with a brief background of our company, it is now time to discuss what kind of services we are offering.

    When someone you love dies, almost everyone in the family are in a state of shock and disbelief, making it harder for you to make decisions regarding how the funeral service should be. This is where we come in.
    Funeral Homes

    Gentry Griffey will be more than willing to guide and assist you through the entire process:

    To give you an idea on the kind of service you will be getting from us, here are some of the things that our funeral homes can offer: assist in the processing of your loved ones death certificate, proper coordination with the church with regards to the funeral information such as date and time of burial or cremation, composition of obituaries that will be published on various newspapers and posted on-line through our official webpage, providing the customers with the wide-range of caskets, vaults and urns that they can choose from, suitable flower arrangements that will be displayed during the wake of your loved ones, plus conceptualization and production of a personalized DVD as remembrance of your departed family member’s celebration of life.

    In addition, we can also assist in the filing of any claims or benefits that you can get from your departed family member’s social security or insurance claims. When it comes to funerals,

    we pride ourselves of offering the most complete and comprehensive funeral service including the following:

    • Embalming or the process of preserving the human physical remains with the treatment of chemicals that can delay decomposition
    • Cremation or the process of exposing the remains to extreme heat resulting to the physical body burning and turning into ashes
    • Visitation of family members and friends of the departed during wakes that can be done in our chapel or on-line using our official website
    • The use of a hearse that will carry your loved one from our chapel to his final resting place

    Funeral Home


    However, providing a good funeral service is only half of what we can offer:

    The other half is about our cremation service. As mentioned earlier, we can be considered as the pioneer of having an on-site crematory inside our compound. Having our own crematory makes it easier for us to offer cremation to our clients as an option if they don’t want to bury their loved ones inside the cemetery.

    It is important to remember that we are the only funeral home located in Knoxville that doesn’t need to use a crematory from nearby towns because the whole process is done right inside our compound and assisted by our highly-trained personnel.
    Our crematory is also found right inside our compound that also includes a room that can be used for public viewing while cremation is underway. This is the reason why we both encourage and welcome family and friends to be present before the cremation process. No other funeral homes can offer this kind of service.

    Generally-speaking, there are two factors that you have to consider when choosing a funeral home – funeral service and cremation service. There are some companies that only offer funeral services such as setting up everything that are necessary for a wake up to the burial. On the other hand, there are companies that only offer cremation.

    At Gentry Griffey, we offer both! We do everything that we can to make sure that we can provide you the best service possible for your departed loved ones.

    Our company is more than qualified to be one of the best funeral homes in the industry because it has all the requirements needed for a good funeral home such as convenience in location, wide range of services to choose from and affordable and competitive prices.

    After reading everything that we have mentioned in this article, do not just take our word for it. Try it yourself if the opportunity presents itself and find out for yourself that you are surely at home with us.


    At www.gentrygriffey.com, we offer funeral service! We have been in the business since 1948 and have been regarded as the premier funeral home at North Knoxville. We do everything that we can to make sure that we can provide you the best service possible for your departed loved ones.

  • SEO Consultation

    Having trouble generating enough traffic to your website? The reason might be because most people check only the first two pages of their search results. You might not think much of this fact, but you could try asking yourself when was the last time you checked Page 5 of your search results. This would definitely validate the statement even more.

    The next question is, do you even know which page is your website on and why it’s on that page? It is important to know the ranking of your website to evaluate what the problem is. There are hundreds of websites with purposes similar to yours. How can you make your website stand out amongst the rest? If your website is sitting on the succeeding pages, then there must be something amiss.

    seoSearch Engine Optimization (SEO) is “the practice of increasing the quantity and quality of the traffic you earn through the organic result in search engines,” says Rand Fishkin. The organic results are the results you do not have to pay for, unlike ads.

    In the process of SEO, the search engines have crawlers that collect information about the websites. They then build an inventory. The data received is then filtered into categories with the use of their keywords, much like hashtags on social media sites. The more hashtags you use, the more times your post will appear, generating more organic publicity and satisfactory results.

    However, the use of search engine optimization is a bit more complex than social media hashtags. The organic results do not necessarily rely on the keywords given. If you are still unsatisfied with the website’s results and ranking – and you have next to no experience – there are several SEO professional services available for consultation. Your website will certainly be within their area of expertise, no matter what industry you belong to.

    No matter how visually appealing and jam-packed with interesting info your website is, it will not matter if no one could see it. Simply putting visit site links in various pages is not likely to bring traffic to your site immediately too. There should be balance between your publicity and image. That’s when hiring an SEO expert comes in. They will figure out ways to improve your SEO for you.

    The benefits of hiring SEO professional services are:

    SEO professional services•Get your website from Page 9 to Page 1 of search results in weeks. With several years of experience, your SEO consultants know exactly what is wrong and what to do instead. You would be surprised that in a matter of a few weeks, your website could easily rise through the ranks. You will be able to surpass your competitors’ ranking, have bigger exposure, and attract more buyers and investors.

    If you decide to learn how to do it by yourself, who knows how long that could take. It is not easy to get online viewers to click the “visit site” button or link.

    •Save yourself more time, and from less stress. Taking care of your SEO is a lot more stressful than you would think, especially for a beginner. You could get preoccupied with trying to figure out how to generate more traffic when you could be using that to do what you actually need to do.

    Time is money and unexpectedly spending money on buying ineffective visit site links may only give you stress. Avoid the hassle early on by hiring an SEO consultant to handle it.

    •Avoid beginner mistakes. Since you have little experience, it is quite possible to commit mistakes like falling for visit site bogus link building services that could only affect your traffic negatively. For example, the popular search engines penalize sites that do not follow the rules. You could unintentionally do something that would cause your website to get penalized. It would be extremely difficult for your website to get a higher ranking once you have been penalized. Consulting with an SEO professional will help you steer clear of such situations.

    Although hiring an SEO consultant can be quite expensive, in the long run you’ll be able to generate more positive results, resulting in having time and money, and less stress. When you are not sure on how to promote your own website yourself, staying hesitant will only make things harder. It is best to hire a trusted, recommended SEO expert to help you.

  • Four Sure Signs Of Bad Real Estate Agents

    So you’ve decided to sell your house and put it in the market. However, weeks pass, your home continues to be listed for sale, but no one seems to be interested. This is most probably due to the fact that the real estate market has taken a huge blow with the recent recession, slowing down home sales. With that in mind, you might not think that it is your real estate agent’s fault.

    There are, however, lots of ways for you to identify whether your agent is doing his job right. Take a look below at some of the most obvious signs that it is time for you to look for a different real estate agent.

    • Your agent is not communicating with you that often.

    If you have not heard from your agent in weeks, it’s time for you to look for someone else.

    Regardless if nobody has contacted your agent for a home showing, or if your agent is having difficulty looking for the right buyers that could meet your standards, you should at least be regularly informed by your agent about how things are going.

    You are obviously thinking about the property every day, after all. Since your agent is acting on your behalf, shouldn’t he be keeping you in mind?

    • Your agent is not using all his resources effectively to sell your property.

    Real estateA good real estate agent will make use of all the tools at his disposal in order to ensure that the property he is selling is sold at a good price. If your agent is simply relying on the resources of other agents and is not taking the initiative of actually advertising the house himself such as by taking pictures, endorsing in newspapers, handing out flyers, and listing your property on real estate websites, he’s really not worth the commission you are willing to pay.

    • Your agent lacks leadership.

    When you talk to your real estate agent and all you get is him agreeing with everything that you say, that is a sure sign that the agent is more focused on pleasing you rather than on objectively looking at your property and representing your interests in the market in the best way possible.

    If your agent asks how you how much your house is worth in your opinion and lists that price, that is a sign of an agent who lacks leadership skills. Ask your agent about how he has arrived at the price he produced. Make him provide you information about the research that he has conducted in order to make sure that your home is correctly priced.

    Real estatesYour agent is supposed to be a real estate expert, and he should be able to provide you with expert advice and an effective selling strategy. With that said, your agent is of course acting on your behalf, and so he should always take your word before making any decisions.

    • Your agent disappears after the property is sold.

    Regardless if agents are selling or buying property on their client’s behalf, they often think that all is said and done once the deal is sealed. The home’s possession date is usually the day the transaction is completed and the date when they are paid. A good real estate agent will continue to be in touch with you after the deed is done to ensure that you are happy with his work, and to provide any assistance to you if you have any more questions.

    Just like in any other industry, in real estate, there are good and bad real estate agents. With the real estate market suffering from the economic crisis, it is important for you as a seller to check and see if your agent is performing well.

    If you are looking for a cheaper option,best properties that are suitable for your needs and fit your budgets then Click Here.

  • How Can Challenge Coins Help The Society

    Some people are not familiar with challenge coins. These 1.5-inch coins usually contain a particular group’s insignia. They are normally given to military personnel.

    Challenge coins can be used for identifying members of a specific organization. Many stories imply that these items were first used by US soldiers deployed in Europe during WWI.

    Challenge CoinsDuring the old days, there was a unique way of presenting these coins to co-workers. People from the military would often “challenge” or dare their fellow military men to show their coins for verification purposes. The one who doesn’t have his coin with him will be required to buy drinks for those who brought their coins.

    Aside from being used in “challenges”, these items are also presented to people with extraordinary achievements. They can be considered good alternatives to medals and trophies.

    These objects can be personalized as well. There are several suppliers customizing and selling these coins for consumers worldwide. By the way, these items are often bought in bulk.

    Most people don’t know that these items can be used to improve various societies. Below are the five benefits that these medallions can bring to the world.

    Instrumental in Strengthening Ties

    Challenge coins can help people express their loyalty to the organization they belong to. They can also unite co-workers together. Wearing one is a clear sign that you’re ready to cooperate with your co-workers. Soldiers who are always carrying these objects show that they are following their organization’s rules, while those who failed to bring these items suggest that they sometimes forget what the organization has taught them—the importance of being a team player. The concept of challenging, on the other hand, can help you know each other more. It encourages workers to be responsible and well-disciplined. The drinking part can also help the workers express their feelings to others.

    Can Recognize Efforts

    These small objects can also recognize every worker’s hard work and dedication to their job. During the previous decades, these items were given to soldiers who showed bravery in wars. Nowadays, even companies and non-profit organizations are giving these items to people who made a difference. Giving one to somebody is an indication that he achieved something. Awarding these medallions can also convince your workers to remain in the organization. These items will show your care for them.

    Great Advertising Tools

    Challenge coins can be used for advertising as well. Since they usually feature a certain organization’s emblem or theme, they can be mass-produced to promote that organization to everyone. They are affordable, shiny, and very classy-looking. One brass coin with color-fill only costs around $5. These items can be distributed and displayed anywhere. They are also more durable than other promotional materials like calendars, fans, and flyers. People will surely not throw them in the trash bin.

    Will Create Significant Memories

    These customized items can also treasure precious memories. They are ideal keepsakes for workers who participated in a significant event. Military men usually produce these items for their fellow soldiers who participated in wars and certain military programs. Academic conference organizers can produce these items for the conference participants. Schools can also create them for students who participated in quiz bees and sporting events. Having one can definitely help you remind about the things you did in the past.

    Can Express Identities

    Expressing your organization’s identity is also possible with these coins. These items can help you express your thoughts. They can also be used to display your organization’s values to others. These objects will help them know more about your organization. Customizing them, on the other hand, enhances creativity and imagination.

    Challenge coins can be used for identifying members of a specific organization and Help the society. To know more about challenge coins visit the site challengecoins4less.com

  • About Content Writers

    The most common thought when thinking of what content writers are is that they produce content to be seen on the internet. Any written media that is found in any website all across the internet was made by a content writer. Some companies all around the world hire content writers to write articles or blog posts for their company website. The types of content that a content writer could write are e-books, social media posts, copy, and text for any images. Sometimes, they use web formatting tools to publish their content or pass on their content to a publisher who would use them for their own sites.

    Content writers do not only write for a website or a company. They could also manage the flow of a website and make sure all the content within it is cohesive and connects with one another. They could also be responsible with adding or taking away information from a site.


    Those who are hired by companies are often required to have a bachelor’s degree related to writing, journalism, communication, or English. Additional requirements may also depend on the topic of the content, as there are companies with a specific area of expertise and want the same expertise from their content writers. For instance, a company that specializes in Japanese language and culture will need a content writer who is fluent in Japanese or is an expert in Japanese culture.
    Some online courses could be found for people who want to learn how to do different kinds of writing or other types of content creation. These courses could teach web design, blogging, or technical writing. Thses will help aspiring content writers find their footing.


    Content WritersAccording to experts, writers tend to earn around $70,000 a year on average. This could differ from writer to writer and the type of content writing they do. Some could earn as little as $30,000 a year, while the most successful writers tend to earn $117,000 or more yearly.

    Things to Keep in Mind When Content Writing

    Content writing doesn’t stop when a person is off work. There’s a constant flow of ideas all around, and a content writer should make sure that his mind is always ready to do some content writing.

    Here are some things that any aspiring content writer should keep in mind if they want to be successful.

    • Be in research mode at all times

    Always being prepared to research will keep a person alert and encourage critical thinking. As soon as an idea pops into a person’s head, he should immediately start taking notes on how to expand that idea. This is the key to producing good content – to always keep ideas flowing. By the time a person gets on the web to start researching, he should have an outline in his head already.

    • Have a style

    Mimicking someone else’s writing style may be good when a person starts out, but he should gradually develop his own. Every piece of content that a person puts out must have his distinguishing mark to separate him from the rest. Writers develop their writing styles over the years and never stop. It’s like training a person’s singing voice – constant improvement alongside developing its own style.

    • Have one point and stick to it

    Each piece of content should talk about one topic and one point. Veering off topic or suddenly switching to another will confuse readers and will not provide them the information that they want. A content writer should keep in mind that every sentence and paragraph sticks to the topic. A trick that writers use is to always have a bottom point when they create their content.

  • Affordable Nike Products at Rockbottomgolf

    Nike is still one of the leading brands for sports. In golf, it’s no different. www.rockbottomgolf.com offers some of the most affordable Nike golf equipment you can find. The website is known for having the cheapest gears for all your needs in this kind of sport.


    Golf shoeNike Durasport Golf Shoes

    Once again, Nike has produced high quality shoes for sports lovers, and they definitely didn’t leave out the golfers. Nike Durasport provides durability, comfort and style. These shoes were made to traverse the field in any weather.

    Nike Durasport is water-resistant to keep it intact in wet terrain. It’s made out of Nike’s top-of-the-line material of rubber and leather. And Rockbottomgolf.com offers this series at an insanely low price!

    Price: $49.99

    Nike 2012 Air Academy Golf Shoes

    Complete your golf equipment with Nike Air Academy Golf Shoes. This line of Nike golf shoes provides long-lasting and water resistant footwear for your golf games. Made out of full-grain leather, this pair of golf shoes will keep your feet water free when the weather starts to rain.

    Rockbottomgolf.com has the cheapest price for this line of Nike golf shoes.

    Price: $39.99

    Nike 2013 Heritage Golf Shoes

    If you’re looking for sporty but stylish golf shoes for your game, the Nike Heritage Golf Shoes is definitely for you. The full-length phylon mid-sole and soft synthetic leather, which are all part of the Nike Power Platform technology, give this series its unique touch.

    The Nike Heritage is part of the brand’s premier golf equipment, providing style and substance for the customers. You can wear these anywhere you like, whether on or off the course! Rockbottomgolf.com offers this premium model at an affordable cost.

    Price: $59.99


    Nike Golf Xtreme Sports IV Stand Bag

    Every golfer will need a stand bag for their golf equipment. The Nike Golf Xtreme Sports IV provides the spacious and easy-to-carry bag that will suit your golfing needs.

    The stand bag is developed in such a way that it will be both sturdy and light. It consists of 3 full length dividers and 9 functional pockets (zippered) with a water resistant fleece pocket, an apparel pocket, and a scorecard pocket. The bag also has a rain hood to keep it protected during bad weathers.

    Nike Golf Xtreme Sports IV delivers the in terms of efficiency and style. This stand bag will assist you with its club spaces and storage.

    This premium stand bag is very affordable at Rockbottomgolf.com!

    Price: $129.99

    Nike Performance Hybrid Stand Bag

    This stand bag gives you 9 functional pockets which include insulated cooler pockets, water resistant fleece-lined pockets, apparel storage and more. It also has a 14-way top divider system which gives you lots of space for your putters.

    Nike Performance Hybrid is a premier stand bag that offers golfers functionality at its finest.

    Price: $229

    Golf Clubs

    Nike Golf – VRS Covert Hybrid

    If you’re looking for a strong swing, Nike Golf – VRS Covert Hybrid is for you. This club offers high velocity and strength once swung. It’s developed to give more ball-flight due to its high-speed speed back design. It also has the NexCor Face technology to make your shots longer and straighter.

    Price: 89.99

    Getting the right golf equipment is a must in this game. And Rockbottomgolf.com has tons of Nike products for all the golfers and golf-fans out there. They have the latest and greatest series that the brand can offer. If you think golf will cost you a fortune just to play – think again. Check out more golf goods at Rockbottomgolf.com to get your cheapest clubs, bags, shoes, apparel and many more!

  • How to Set Up Greenhouse Misters

    bottelGreenhouse misters are used to regulate the air in a greenhouse, sustain humidity and commence cuttings or seedlings. A cooling system needs to be positioned at a high spot in the garden greenhouse while a propagation system needs to be positioned right above the seedling or cutting beds. The greenhouse misting system must be affixed to the structure of the greenhouse. It can also be attached to a frame that is constructed two to three feet on top of the propagation beds. Nozzles that function on 1 gallon each hour are perfect for cooling, while those that function on 3 gallons per hour are going to sustain the humidity in the cuttings and seeds.

    1. Check how long is the place that needs to be misted and divide the result by two. Round it off to the higher whole number. Suppose the answer here is 10, and then cut the 22″ section PVC pipe into 10 parts.

    misting plugs2. With the T-shaped PVC connectors, connect the sections to be able to create a set up that is of sufficient length for the garden greenhouse. Thoroughly clean the tip part of the PVC pipe and the interior of the fitting using PVC cleaner. Cover the exterior of the pipe and the interior of the fitting using PVC cement as a coating. Press the parts with each other and twist about 90-degree angle to distribute the cement. Line up one-eighth of an inch of the threaded openings on every one of the T-shaped connectors so as to face in a similar direction.

    3. Using PVC hangers, affix the assembly to the framework of the garden greenhouse or to the framework over the propagation beds. Make the openings the T-shaped fittings point all the way down.

    4. Attach a PVC elbow with a 90 degree angle to the end part of the misters that is nearest to the water system using cement. Determine its distance to the ground and cut a part of the pipe 12 inches just shy of that distance. With cement, affix this piece of pipe to the PVC elbow.

    5. Stick the coupling using the threaded opening which fits the automated drain device to the pipe’s bottom. Cement a short portion of pipe beneath the automated drain device link and attach the hose connector onto it. Cover with a cap the opposite end of the line of the misters.

    nozzles6. Fasten a fine water filtration system to the faucet. Hook up a hose to the filtration system and to the hose connector of the misters. Fully turn on the water for a short while in order to eliminate any debris or dirt from the system. Turn the water off once done.

    7. Fasten the one-eighth inch threaded nozzles to the T-shapes with a plumber’s tape. Make sure they are directed towards the ground. Affix a drain valve straight into the connector at the end of the water pipe. Doing this will drain the water in the system when not being used. Check if there are leaks by turning on the water. Should there be any leaks, just tighten up the connections.

    What are the materials needed?

    1. PVC pipe        (0.5 inch diameter)

    2. 0.125-inch threaded nozzles

    3. 0.5×0.5×0.125         inch PVC T-connectors

    4. PVC cleaner

    5. PVC hangers

    6. PVC cement

    7. PVC cap

    8. 90 degree 0.5-inch PVC elbow

    9. Automatic drain device

    10. PVC coupling

    11. Swivel hose adapter

    12. Hacksaw

    13. Hose threaded water filter

     A timer could be affixed between the hose and the filter to be able to automate the misters. A number of straight line units could be linked to PVC pipes and PVC elbow to allow misting in a larger place. As much as 125 misting nozzles could be connected in a single system.